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FALL 2010. EGGPLANT. 10.22.10

Stop wrinkling your nose. Yes, you. “Eggplant?” you say, making the sour milk face. Of the glorious produce available right now, eggplant can be hit or miss. People either love it or hate it. If you are in the latter camp, I beg you to take a fresh look and give this voluptuous vegetable another chance. To entice you, I’m offering a collection of recipes this week that may just put eggplant in a new light for you. It’s been roasted, grilled, stacked, tossed and finally…¬†gobbled. Even by the naysayers.

Cupcakes. Now I bet I have your attention. Isn’t anybody sick of cupcakes yet? Judging by the lines wrapping around the block at DC cupcakeries, I’m going to say no. So I decided to make the mother of all cupcakes as a twist on a birthday party classic. That’s our “splurge” this week and boy, is it a dive off the deep end. If you suffer from butter-phobia, don’t even look. ¬†There is always next week to bring you back to nutritional terra firma.

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