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HOLIDAY 2010. SUGAR. 12.17.10

Oh, no. My website appears to have been hijacked by Willy Wonka! Oh, wait a minute. It’s just a special holiday issue of Weekly Greens. Now aren’t you glad we went a bit heavy on the vegetables last week? This season is characterized by songs, traditions, elaborate light displays and plenty of once-per-year treats. This week I offer you ideas for kitchen-made holiday gifts for all the special folks on your list – the neighbor who mows your lawn without you even asking, the teachers who your kids are so happy to see each day and the many friends and colleagues that deserve a token of appreciation and celebration at year end. With a few containers and some ribbon, you can turn your kitchen creations into gifts.

Need stocking stuffers? No idea what to ask for? My “list” this week can be your list, too. A wish list! These are my favorite, cannot-cook-without kitchen gadgets and tools. With that, I leave you to your celebrations. Take a deep breath and enjoy all the season has to offer. Weekly Greens will return with seasonal produce and healthy meals ideas on 12/31/10.

Sugar Lists

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1. Salt keeper

I use kosher salt in just about everything I make. Even the sweets! This cute little salt keeper is handy. It even looks nice if you want to leave it out on the counter. I had a ceramic salt keeper with a lid and a wooden spoon attached. I recently broke the top by dropping it on the hard kitchen floor and this is what I got to replace it. No spoon attached, but still great.

2. Salad dressing tumbler

I like to make my own salad dressing. This neat little tumbler easily stores two batches of Everyday Vinaigrette. Better yet, if you’d like to make Caesar dressing or French or Asian, just follow the instructions printed right on the side. I keep two of these on hand – one for the fridge at work and one for home. Or, one for Asian and one for Mustard Vinaigrette!

3. Leak-proof wine stoppers

During the week, we often like to have a glass of wine with dinner. Rather than try to shove the cork back into the bottle, use these great little stoppers to save the rest of the bottle for later. You can even leave the bottle sitting on its side in the fridge.

4. Microplane zester/grater

Many of my recipes call for the zest of a lemon. Or lime. Or orange. This zester/grater is perfect for the job. In addition, I tend to use a lot of grated ginger root and this tool also does a wonderful job on that.

5. Mini measuring glass

I am a recipe follower plain and simple. I do not make things up, I do not guesstimate. Hence, it’s important that I have accurate tools for measuring. This small glass is great for liquids especially – vinegars, oils and the like. Also doubles as a shot glass. Did I just say that?

6. Sliding measuring spoons

As I said, measuring is a priority for me. These neat little spoons allow you to use just one measuring tool, meaning fewer things to clean! I have a teaspoon and a tablespoon of this type.

7. Fruit muddler

Mojitos, anyone? Oh yes, please. Me. Always. Anytime. Nuf said.

8. Scraper

This item looks like a waste of space, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. Do you ever chop a bunch of little stuff then struggle to get it all into the pan/skillet/pot? This little tool allows you to do just that. It has handily earned its space in my crowded kitchen tool drawer.

9. Grater

One might think this is used for grating cheese. Think again. The most common use for this at my house is to juice a citrus fruit and strain the seeds. Yes, I know. Silly. See here. With all the juicing I do of lemons and limes, keeping those pesky seeds out is a priority. This is your tool, my friends. Oh, and you can even grate cheese, too! Bonus.

10. Nesting measuring cups

We have already established that I am a dedicated and loyal measurer. I do not actually own these adorable measuring cups. I have seen them in various locations when I have been holiday shopping and it is all I can do not to shamelessly buy them for myself. Anyone who is still looking for small gift ideas for me, here it is! Buy this now and you will have my love and affection for at least the time it takes to bake a bundt cake.

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