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Alicia’s Book Picks

November 16, 20118 Comments

Despite the crush of technology transforming our reading habits, I’m still a fan of the old-fashioned book. And the newspaper, for that matter. On Sundays, I get two newspapers. It drives my husband nuts. He’d love to get rid of all tangible reading materials and go virtual. No way, no how. I like the feel of the pages. I even like their smell. I’m far from a luddite, but I’m certain my love of books will never fade despite advances in e-readers, apps and other techie toys. Continue reading ›

What’s for Dinner?

November 11, 20114 Comments

This week I finally (belatedly) switched my closet over from summer frocks to sweaters. And though the days have been sunny and warm, the mornings have been chilly so I also dug up mittens and hats for the walk to school. These tasks can only mean one thing – time to make stock! I like to keep homemade chicken stock on hand during the cold months. It’s incredibly easy to make and you don’t even have to peel the onions or trim the vegetables. Just throw it all in the pot and then simmer the heck out of it. I make a big batch so I can keep some in the fridge and freeze the rest in small batches to use for soups, sauces and recipes that call for flavorful stock. It really makes a difference and you can also easily control the salt content, if that’s something you are concerned about. I am also experimenting with making vegetable stock and will report back as soon as I’ve perfected the recipe. Continue reading ›

Love Through M&M Eyes

November 09, 201110 Comments

Every single day, I tell my children I love them. These words are uttered before kissing their cheeks and sending them off to school, while tucking them into their beds and sometimes even after a scolding as a reminder that my love doesn’t waver in the way my patience so often can. I also demonstrate my love for them through actions, like making nutritious meals for them each day. Despite these daily expressions of adoration, when their birthdays roll around I feel the need to up the ante and drive home my point in ways that usually involve an over-my-head, sugar-laden kitchen project. Why do I think real frosting somehow underscores my devotion? Or that rolling out dough or making a cake from scratch lets them know how much I care? I don’t actually think they notice these feats. So why do I bother?
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What’s for Dinner?

November 04, 20112 Comments

Gone are the days of casual mingling at the farmers market. Thick air, full sun and quickly melting popsicles…all a memory. Last weekend, I trudged through sloppy puddles while pelted by rain to walk the handful of blocks to the Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market. Rain boot-clad children in tow, we were all wetter than necessary since my preschooler had high-jacked our only umbrella, insisting on carrying it himself, mostly tipped to the side, benefitting precisely no one and endangering dogs passing by.
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