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SPRING 2011. ASPARAGUS. 04.08.11

While busily dicing vegetables, measuring spices or simmering broth, I ask myself the same question each night. Is this is going to be the day the pickiest eater in the house tastes what I’ve made for dinner? Could this meal be the one that changes it all and wakes up his dormant taste buds? I know better than to guess the answer is anything other than an unequivocal mais non. In fact, this child hasn’t taken a bite of anything that isn’t a Cheerio or a nutritionally devoid white bread product since the Bush administration. Unfortunately, he was born in the latter half of 2008.

With three pounds of asparagus begging to be chopped, shaved or steamed, my chances of reaching a breakthrough seemed slim to none. Happily, I derived a few methods to introduce the offending green of the week segregated, yet in close proximity to familiar, white foods that appeared to be safe and unassuming. If any of this sounds the least bit familiar, try the asparagus artichoke tart using the “cheese pie” variation described in the quick tips. You may also have luck with the asparagus risotto served in a deconstructed fashion. Green items may get the snub, but you might get a little hidden nutrition into them nevertheless. Just don’t tell them the crust is full of protein and fiber! If you have boys in your house, you might also entice them to try a science experiment and see what happens to their pee after they’ve eaten the magical green stalks. Have a race and see who can produce foul-smelling pee first! Fun for all.

This week I am pleased to welcome a guest blog from my talented friend Royce. If you are getting the idea that I lack skills in the baking department, you are right on. Be sure to check out her delicious chocolate chip banana bread. Your resident chimps will thank you, blissfully unaware they’ve once again put good things into their growing bodies. With that, I’m off to enjoy the warmer temperatures and the spring blooms.¬†Weekly Greens is headed out for spring break, returning with new menus and recipes on April 22. Until then, be well.

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