March 18, 2011Comments Off on Chard

WINTER 2011. CHARD. 03.18.11

Well, this is it. It’s over. Certainly it couldn’t go on forever and who would want it to anyway, right? I’m referring to winter, of course. I’d say we hung in there pretty well. And now we can move right along to beautiful, bountiful spring. Sunday is the first official day, so try not to be too disappointed when I tell you that we’ll be slowly moving away from all these soups, baked pastas, gratins and such. In fact, I was worried you’d miss these things so I’ve included not just one but two soups this week, in between some steamy, oven-baked goodies. I hope you get your fill. I wouldn’t want you to feel deprived a few weeks from now when you are busily trimming rhubarb and basking in longer days and warmer temperatures. It’s just one of the ways I look out for you. Yes, you are welcome. Anytime. Really.

I’m pleased to feature yet another spectacular guest post from my talented friend, Andrea (of cranberry-apple crumb pie fame). I am quite honest about the fact that I do not like to bake. Andrea’s chocolate chip skillet cookie is the perfect recipe for the non-bakers. Less mess, less time and just as much yummy goodness at the end. This recipe is also a fun project for the little ones (not the stirring over a hot stove part, silly). Let them add the dry ingredients, the egg and vanilla and the chocolate chips. Then turn on the oven light and let them watch while it turns into a giant cookie. At this point, it becomes a magic trick. Pour glasses of milk and watch it disappear before your very eyes. Poof!


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