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WINTER 2011. LEEK. 02.25.11

Some flavors just naturally pair well – apples and cinnamon, maple and pork, rhubarb and strawberries, apricot and almond. And of course, leeks and butter. You’ve never heard of leeks and butter? Yeah, me neither. I typically associate leeks with potato, but what I did not realize is that the duo is often held together by a lot of cream, butter, oil or in some cases, pastry. So I’ll say it upfront and consider yourself warned – this week of menus includes a little more butter than you are used to seeing here at Weekly Greens. It only dawned on me while making the shopping list that a pat here and a pat there adds up to a stick over the course of the week. In some cases, you can easily substitute olive oil and I’ve said so where that’s the case. But for the most part, butter adds a critical flavor component (as is the case with the gnocchi, where the butter first browns to give the dish a nutty flavor). I’ve rounded out the menus with a load of seasonal vegetables and a few terrific vegetarian meals. Savor the velvety textures and rich flavors of this week’s dishes, have a glass of wine and run or walk an extra mile or two here or there (but not necessarily in that order).

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