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What’s for Dinner?

December 15, 20112 Comments

Perhaps you are now at the point when you know you’d better order that something for that someone mighty quickly if you want it to arrive in time for the holidays. When in doubt – which is often – I turn to consumable gifts. For those close by, I can whip up a goodie and box it up in my own kitchen. But for those far flung loved ones deserving of something tasty, I rely on food gifts from the web. Still searching for something novel? Feast your mouse on these ideas… Continue reading ›

In the Guest Kitchen…

December 14, 2011Leave a comment

Though I’m not much into baking cookies during the holidays, my own childhood memories of Christmas are tied to some of the amazing cookies my mother used to make each holiday. She’d get started right after Thanksgiving and sometimes she’d bake one different kind each day. By the time the parties were in full swing, she could throw together a diverse plate of sugar-dusted wonder like nobody’s business. There were the peppermint meringues, the bell-shaped butter cookies, the English toffee, the handmade caramels, the almond balls and of course, the spice cookies shaped like mushrooms. Those were just my favorites. She’d try new ones all the time, but the most popular varieties came back year after year. Continue reading ›

What’s for Dinner?

December 09, 20114 Comments

It’s right around this time each December that a familiar feeling takes hold. The holiday cards have been stuffed, stamped and mailed. The UPS man visits daily with arms full of brown boxes. The twinkle of the tree fills the living room with a dreamy glow. And then there it is. Oh, [expletive]!
Continue reading ›

Butternut Squash and Roasted Garlic Galette

December 06, 2011Leave a comment

You might not be convinced since I seem to be handling it all the time, but dough scares me. Pie dough, bread dough, cookie dough – all of it makes me nervous. I’ve tried to face my fear head on by working through it with recipes like this or this. Nevertheless, I remain skittish where flour and butter become intimate. So when the editor of Whole Foods Market Cooking suggested I consider making a galette for my bi-weekly column, I hesitated. Dough? Doh! I warmed up to the idea a little after reading through the recipe – roasted butternut squash and a ton of soft roasted garlic between layers of creamy ricotta and fragrant fontina. Hmm. Well, maybe I should reconsider. And boy, am I glad I did. Continue reading ›

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