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This week the USDA unveiled a new guide for healthful eating. As a key component to First Lady Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign, the newly designed “MyPlate” recommends making half of one’s diet from plant sources, such as fruits and vegetables, and the other half from protein and grains. There is an additional bubble next to the plate labeled “dairy,” representing low or nonfat milk products. Though the plate is an improvement from the highly confounding pyramid, a number of questions remain. What is the role of healthy fats in a balanced diet? The plate doesn’t say. How large is this plate exactly? One could easily overload a standard dinner plate using these guidelines. My husband’s question: “How high can you pile it?” I applaud the administration’s commitment to promoting healthy food choices, but the same problem persists: many people have an idea of  what they should (and shouldn’t) be eating, but it’s hard to actually do it.  Until we are able to get over that hurdle, we’ll continue to fight this battle. You can read more about the new program here. If you are looking for a teaching tool for children, I recommend checking out the Nutri-plate. We have been using this portion-control plate in our home since last fall and we love it.

In other news, I’m pleased to announce that Weekly Greens is now searchable! You can find the handy custom search box up at the top next to subscribe. Between the new recipes page and the search function, you should now be able to find what you want when you want it.

As a closing note, I became aware that we have an interloper in our midst. I had no idea how often I serve green beans until I edited the photos for this week. Wow. They pop up everywhere! I do love them but until now I hadn’t realized just how much. See how many places you can find them. Green beans will get their due a few weeks down the line, so for now let’s turn our attention to our starring berry. Don’t allow “Waldo” to steal the show.

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