Summer 2011 Favorites

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Summer 2011 Favorites

Thoughts on the Revamped Bon Appetit from The Bitten Word

I get a slew of cooking magazines and they’re not all created equal. Check out this review of the recent changes at Bon Appetit by Zach and Clay, the adorable guys behind the cook-through blog The Bitten Word. By now, those of you receiving the magazine have probably developed an opinion on the new style following its office move from LA to NY and a shiny new editor from GQ. I have to admit I’ve been won over rather quickly after some initial hesitation. I was so ready not to like it. But I just do. Maybe that’s because I enjoy men’s fashion magazines so much.

Jenny’s in the Kitchen on Food52

Dry, witty writing with an addictive charm. You may be familiar with “Jenny’s” coverage of Congress for The New York Times, but if you’ve not encountered her more creative side, allow me to make the introduction. Garden adventures and the occasional kitchen fire make this weekly column a hoot.

Photo Note(able) from Eating is Art

A biweekly inspiration complete with one stunning photo, all wrapped up neatly by Tricia Martin. The combination of Tricia’s pretty photos and a thought that seems to come at just the right moment make for a dose of happy. Sometimes I feel like Tricia has crawled right up into my subconscious and responded directly to my neurosis-du-jour. Sign up to receive it by putting your email address in the box along the right sidebar.

15 Homemade Meals You Can Carry on the Airplane  from The Kitchn

Nobody really likes airplane food and these days, it’s expensive and horrible. So why not carry your own? These terrific ideas are simple and travel well. Hint: also great for car trips…

A Guide to Washing Your Produce by The Table of Promise via kidHaven

Have you given much thought to how you wash your produce and why? You buy it, you wash it, you eat it. Maybe you use one of those fancy produce washing solutions or a brush for scrubbing certain varieties. In this informative post, kidHaven contributor Christa O’Brien gives a run down of how to wash produce items from leeks (soak!) to berries (rinse!) to sweet potatoes (no bath required). You can skip those pricey veggie washes altogether.

Mark Bittman’s 25 Favorites from The Minimalist

Of more than 1,000 recipes featured in this popular weekly column from The New York Times, Mark Bittman picked his 25 favorite. These have got to be winners, right?

Kumquat – Love to Eat, Eat to Love (Gluten-Free)

An estimated 1 in 133 people suffer from gluten allergy or intolerance. It’s no wonder there’s been an explosion in gluten-free products, businesses and of course, food blogs. I met Gretchen, a registered dietitian, recently at a conference. Her gorgeous photography and mouthwatering recipes have kept me visiting her blog even though I’m not restricted to gluten-free fare. In case you are wondering, yes, she is every bit as lovely as her site.

Blackberry Spritzers and a Mojito by TasteFood

This is another spot I’ve come to frequent lately. The photos say it all for me, but behind these pretty pictures are great recipes, too. Check out these fun (not to mention colorful) summer drink ideas. Since you are such big chicken fans, you may as well check out Lynda’s collection of chicken recipes, too.

Whole Foods Market Cooking

Whole Foods Market is helping you cook! That’s right. The ever-expanding natural foods grocery chain launched its Cooking initiative to inspire confidence in the kitchen and support home cooks of all skill levels (and kitchen sizes!), just like you and me. In partnership with food52, Whole Foods Market is rolling out new localized Cooking sites featuring tested recipes, cooking contests (with great prizes, of course), events, and Foodpickle, a real-time food hotline to get your urgent questions answered. Look here to see if your area is up and running – more local sites are launching all the time. is also the only place to find my column, Alicia’s Seasonal Kitchen, where I make a recipe from the site, snap some photos of my process (sometimes) and give you my take on it. Stories and random commentary (sometimes) included free of charge.

100 Ways to Use a Tomato from Endless Simmer

Yes, I fully realize I’m leaving you with no menus and no new recipes at summer produce peak. How very unkind of me. Actually, you can blame my brother and his ill-timed wedding. If you find yourself buried in tomatoes, you can always use the search box and get a list like this. Since you’ve probably already made all of my tomato recipes by now, I leave you with ideas for 100 more! Disclaimer: I’ve not tested, tasted, photographed or otherwise had anything to do with these recipes. I’m just offering you an alternative since I’ve so callously left you high and dry during your garden’s time of prosperity. Run along, now.

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