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SUMMER 2011. SUNSHINE. 07.29.11

As your garden begins to bear more fruit than you can stand and the CSA starts delivering the really good stuff – the corn,¬†tomatoes and zucchini you’ve been waiting for while diligently finding uses for kohlrabi (no ideas, no link!) – I up and leave you. I can hardly believe I’m quoting Sheryl Crow: “I’m going to soak up the sun while it’s still free. I’m going to soak up the sun before it goes out on me.”¬†Time for a break. Sunshine is the theme. Relaxation is on the menu. And many of the recipes I tackle this week will be garnished with a paper umbrella. Oh, and they won’t be photographed either. Why create evidence?

To keep you busy while I’m taking a much-needed break from the kitchen, the camera and the laptop, I’ve compiled a list of the most popular 10 recipes according to you (measured by total page views). I’m amused by this revealing list, which tells me something about you. For example, you like chicken. And beef! And you like the Barefoot Contessa, too. Who doesn’t, right? You also prefer the recipes displaying my weakest photography, with just a few exceptions. And you don’t actually like vegetables very much, though I suspect you want to like them more. You do look at salad dressing sometimes. While I’m resting with feet up and ordering my sons to feed me bon-bons, I’ve chosen a favorite recipe of my own to feature in the side bar to the right (RSS users, you have to go to the home page to see what I’m talking about). You decide what this says about me.

Finally, I’ve enjoyed the work of many inspired food writers lately. The last list is a hodgepodge of standout reads I thought you’d enjoy- some informative, some thought-provoking and some just plain amusing. Now take the advice of an adult contemporary hit single and soak up a few rays of your own. Meet you back here with new menus and recipes on August 12.

4 responses to “SUNSHINE”

  1. Jennifer Shea says:

    I’ve been a silent blog reader, but wanted to wish you a well deserved vacay! Keep up the great work for us busy working moms!

  2. Heather Bonner says:

    Alicia, I enjoyed meeting and talking with you at the luau! Hope your red eye flight went well. My kids actually slept. And I sort of did. Looking forward to sitting down with some wine and reading some of your old posts!

    • Alicia says:

      Hi Heather! It was such a pleasure to meet you and your family, too. Our kids slept on the red eye…but we didn’t! And I can typically sleep anywhere. It was a bleary-eyed Sunday. I hope to see you back here again soon! Happy reading. Cheers.

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