What’s for Dinner?

November 24, 2011Leave a comment

At this moment, you probably can’t even think about dinner. You just finished a huge Thanksgiving feast and if you’re anything like the people I’m related to, you’ve made a late night snack out of the leftovers. Good for you. Now, it’s time to return to cleaner eating before the winter holiday parties kick into overdrive. After a heavy holiday dinner, I like to go light and meatless for a week or so. This week’s recipes are hearty, yet vegetable-centric and healthy.

Since I’m all loose and limber in the thankfulness department, I’d like to thank YOU for returning here to visit. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, suggestions and personal notes. Thank you for sharing this little site with your friends…to your friends for sharing it with their friends…and to your families for agreeing to be guinea pigs as you try out my recipes and methods on them. A big thanks to my own family, who is subjected to both the winners you see here and the losers that never bask in the light of my laptop screen (those are becoming fewer and farther between – yet another reason to be thankful!). As the holiday season begins to permeate our existence over the next several weeks, I hope you will find time away from the noise, the glitter, the bubbly, the hustle, the bustle and the gift wrap to enjoy a low-key meal at home with those you love. If you get that chance, you know where to find me. It’ll all be here waiting for you.

What’s in Season?

Butternut Squash | Sweet Peppers |Broccoli | Carrots | Parsnips | Sweet Potatoes

What’s for Dinner?

The List

2 carrots
2 parsnips
1 medium butternut squash (or 3 cups cubed)
1 red bell pepper
1/2 pound broccoli
2 cups snow peas
2 limes
1 lemon
2 scallions
4 cloves garlic
Fresh ginger root
Fresh cilantro

Cinnamon sticks
Whole star anise
1 preserved lemon
Whole wheat couscous
15 oz. can chickpeas
4 oz. soba noodles
Pine nuts
6 black oil-cured olives


14 oz. extra firm tofu
1 pound fresh or frozen cheese stuffed pasta

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