Monthly Archives: February 2012

Lending a Helping Hand

February 24, 20126 Comments

No matter what is going on in our lives, we need to eat. This fact remains even in the face of circumstances which make it difficult to shop for, prepare or enjoy a meal. If you’ve ever been the lucky recipient of a meal in a time of need, you know the impact of this simple act of kindness. A pot of soup, a pan of lasagna, a salad or a plate of cookies become the best you’ve ever tasted simply because they were prepared by someone who cared enough to help you out. Continue reading ›

Slow Cooker vs. Alicia – Round 5

February 22, 20122 Comments

That I’ve been unable to master an appliance as all-American and basic as the slow cooker does not sit well. Isn’t this the machine that revolutionized modern weeknight cooking for hordes of busy working families? I make my own stock. One time, I made pop tarts. From scratch. Hell, I’ve even made cheese. Cheese, people. Right here in my own kitchen. Continue reading ›

What’s for Dinner?

February 17, 2012Leave a comment

Is it possible to tire of winter when there really hasn’t been much winter of which to speak? Despite the sunshine and unusually warm temperatures, we are still wearing coats, eating kale by the truckload and dodging cold and flu viruses circling about. So for me, the answer is yes. It’s entirely possible. And I’m officially tired. Continue reading ›

In the Guest Kitchen…

February 14, 20122 Comments

It’s hard not to be inspired by someone who exhibits a palpable passion for his work. I had the pleasure of meeting Derek Brown recently. Those unfamiliar might call him a bartender, but upon further examination there is just so much more. Continue reading ›

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