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The Green Issue

April 27, 2012Leave a comment

Ever since I posted an introduction to juicing earlier this year, I’ve had readers asking for my “exact” green juice recipe. It’s never really the same twice, but there is a method to my madness. I’ve been sending the recipe out as the requests come in, but it’s probably high time I post it here once and for all. So here you have it: The Green Juice. Enjoy. Continue reading ›

What’s for Dinner?

April 20, 20126 Comments

While I was eating a salad at a restaurant recently, my preschooler reached over and pointed to my plate. “What’s that?” he wanted to know, intrigued. He was pointing to a hard-boiled egg that had been cut in half. I told him what it was, extending it to him on the end of my fork. He happily gobbled it up and searched the plate for more. The other half was buried under some lettuce. Something about the way he inhaled that second half made me think of a snake. Continue reading ›

Back to Life, Back to Reality

April 13, 2012Leave a comment

The older I get, the more poorly I handle the inevitable return to reality following vacation. Real world reentry is predictably painful. The heaviness starts to set in as we zip up our dirty laundry and souvenir-stuffed luggage and print the boarding passes to the plane promising a return to nonstop responsibility and obligation. I’m not sure if the vacations keep getting better, therefore making it harder to resume normal life, or if life is getting more complicated and therefore more difficult to face. It could be a bit of both, I suppose. Whatever the reason, I’m slow to adjust to the notion that my toughest decision of the day will no longer be what bathing suit to wear. Sigh. Continue reading ›

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