Monthly Archives: June 2012

Soup…It’s Not Just for Winter Anymore

June 21, 20126 Comments

Once upon a time, I was a single girl living in the city all alone for the very first time. I had found a terrific little box of an apartment on a popular street just off the Magnificent Mile in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. It had a pool on the roof, a doorman, a view of a sliver of Lake Michigan (if you stood in just the right place, smashed into a corner between the wall and a beam) and a teeny tiny little kitchen. It was here that my interest in cooking began to take shape. Continue reading ›

Summertime…and the Living’s Easy

June 11, 20124 Comments

“Is it summer yet?” This is a question I’m getting daily from my little guy, just shy of four. According to the calendar, the first day of summer is still 10 days away. June 21 to be exact. But I use other metrics to define the start of summer – the last day of school (later this week!), a string of 90-degree days necessitating lemonade and bathing suits, the point at which the low hum of the A/C becomes a constant. Continue reading ›

The Girl Crush

June 04, 20127 Comments

After a Saturday night dinner accompanied by free-flowing wine and generous laughter, a female friend I’ve known for quite a few years leaned over and confessed – she’d been harboring a girl crush. On me! I giggled and if I were a blusher, I probably would have done so right then. She then proceeded to recount the day we first met and what I was wearing. More nervous snickering. And then more wine. Continue reading ›

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