Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Snack Board

February 28, 20134 Comments

We have slipped into a nasty habit lately. I’m spending more time with the kids after school, which has been terrific. I greet them at dismissal with a healthy snack, we talk about the day and we play a bit before it’s time for reading or homework. Then I get busy preparing dinner. By this time, they are hungry. I’m hungry, too. They want another snack. But dinner is so close, I ask them to wait. It’ll be just five more minutes…this is where the problem begins. Continue reading ›

Welcome to my Island

February 21, 201314 Comments

Do you ever feel alone, even when surrounded by people? What if those people are the ones you love most? Not infrequently, I have the sensation of being on an island. I am the only person on this island. As the waves around the island of Alicia undulate, rolling back and forth along the horizon, a boat bobs up and down just out of my reach. My family is in the boat. They’re waving at me. I wave back and smile. Everyone seems happy to be where they are, myself included. Continue reading ›

Back in the (Proverbial) Saddle

February 07, 201310 Comments

On a warm afternoon last spring, I stood on the sidewalk in front of my house with hands on hips as I bargained with my kindergartener. His dark eyes squinted, boring into mine with all the intensity and fire he could muster. He planted his hands firmly on his own hips, mocking my stance. We were arguing over how to enjoy the beautiful afternoon. I wanted him to give his bike another try. He had shown little interest in learning to ride a bike. I thought it was time he learn. But he wanted to go to the playground. Continue reading ›

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