Monthly Archives: December 2013

The Salad You Need Right Now

December 19, 201310 Comments

I don’t know about you, but I could use a salad right about now. A nice fresh, crisp salad that is cold and lacking in my main diet staples these last few weeks – butter and booze. I like to call this the season of too many and too much. Too many parties and celebrations, too much food and drink. Pair all that with too little rest and you have a recipe for exhaustion and possibly gout. Continue reading ›

Traditions Past and Present

December 13, 201310 Comments

Looking back at childhood Christmases, I don’t remember exactly what Santa brought from one year to the next. I received a number of dolls. Baby dolls with lacy dresses and glassy eyes that opened and closed. Cabbage Patch dolls with yarn pigtails and birth certificates. And Barbie dolls with flowing golden hair I’d eventually crop into a spiky pixie. I also remember getting a Speak & Spell and a ventriloquist dummy, but not in the same year. Continue reading ›

Giving Thanks for Roots

December 05, 201316 Comments

It’s amazing what can happen when we keep our eyes, hearts and minds open. I’m going to tell you a story about roots that starts in the tiny town of Pandora, Ohio, where my mother was born and raised in a tight-knit Mennonite community, and ends with a pan of roasted vegetables. You’re going to like this one, so settle in and grab a cup of tea. Continue reading ›

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