A Big, Fat Zero

May 31, 20136 Comments

Next week I have a birthday ending in a big, fat zero. I spent no shortage of time bemoaning this milestone. I’ll feel better once the date has passed and I’m not ruminating or asked to talk about it anymore. It took me a while to pinpoint what specifically had me so wound up. It’s just another year. I’m the same person. I have much for which to be thankful. It’s better than the alternative…so why the crankiness?

Like so many things in life, it boils down to expectations. By this age, I expected to feel like a grown up. I do not. I still make silly mistakes and laugh inappropriately on occasion. I expected to have more answers. In fact, I have more questions than ever. At what age does one begin to feel wise? Not this one, apparently. I’m making peace with the questions as well as the answers that may never come. I expected to have fully settled into this skin once and for all. But I’m still working hard at that every day. It’s starting to get easier. I gave birth to two beautiful babies. My legs have carried me all over the world and that is a gift. I’m as healthy and strong as I can be in this moment. I’m doing my best to take care of what I’ve got. I’m focusing on what’s working instead of the minor discomforts and nuisances that come with a body that’s been pushed to its limits repeatedly.

I have some celebrating to do, people. I’m keeping it short and sweet this week. I’m going to run a half marathon (my first in well over a decade!) with seven fabulous, fit, foxy friends this weekend. And then I’m going to drink some champagne and raise a glass in honor of it being significantly more than half full.

P.S. I got so caught up in my navel-gazing that I nearly forgot about the recipe I have for you this week! Check out the roasted asparagus with herbed bread crumbs while asparagus is still plentiful. I used the leftover crumb topping to coat chicken later in the week (don’t mix in the egg) and it was fantastic.

Finally, photo credit for the plated asparagus shot pictured above goes to the talented Marnie Kenney. Thanks again Marnie for taking some terrific food shots while I was running around pouring chilled chablis!

6 responses to “A Big, Fat Zero”

  1. Kortney says:

    Wishing you a great race with friends and a fabulous big 0 day.

  2. cynthia says:

    dear lovely girl, I’m still waiting for wisdom and “feeling grown up” at 57. My next “0” birthday just a couple of years away. Oh boy. You have a good approach to aging. Keep it up!

  3. I hate those birthdays that end with 0. Ugh. Sounds like you’re developing a good attitude though! This asparagus recipe looks divine. I’m looking for new ways to cook it – can’t wait to try this one!

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