Monthly Archives: February 2014

Cooking the Books (Part II)

February 27, 20148 Comments

A mother of two growing boys expects a big grocery bill. She expects to plow through gallon after gallon of milk, loaves of bread and at this house, bushels of apples. And that’s just on Saturday! Continue reading ›

5 Simple Kitchen Tricks You Should Know

February 17, 20148 Comments

On most days, I cook alone or with little boys running in and out of the kitchen in search of snacks. No one is paying attention to what I’m doing and even I am moving through chopping, dicing and steaming without much thought. But every so often, I have the pleasure of cooking with a friend. It’s not only nice to share the prep work and have a conversation, I see how other people perform the same kitchen tasks while exposing my own little tricks and quirks. Continue reading ›

Love Bites

February 11, 20145 Comments

“You are the tooth fairy! I saw you come into my room and take my tooth,” chirped my second grader.

Thankfully, I was driving. The kids couldn’t see my face. They missed the raise of the brow and the grit of the teeth. Of course, this moment was coming. I knew it would. But the timing was all wrong. Continue reading ›

The Unconscious Bicycle Girl

February 04, 201415 Comments

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a stranger and known immediately they’d be a friend? It’s rare and a bit magical. I can count on one hand the times this has happened to me. Continue reading ›

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