Monthly Archives: June 2014

Nostalgia on a Stick (and a give away!)

June 18, 201430 Comments

Right about this time of year – when you can count the days of school left on one hand (if you live in DC, where we like our school years practically bumping up to Independence Day) and when we’ve traded short-lived, temperate spring days for humid-and-nearly-unbearable – I begin digging in my cabinets for my ice pop molds. You know the ones. Continue reading ›

Farm to Doorstep

June 09, 20141 Comment

A few years ago, I tried out a share in a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program to ensure a summer-long stream of local, farm-fresh vegetables and fruits. I thought it might challenge me to come up with creative ways to use foods I may not necessarily choose from the farmers’ market or grocery store. I registered for the smallest box and eagerly waited for gorgeous heads of lettuce, peaches and herbs to appear on my front porch. Continue reading ›

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