Monthly Archives: November 2014

Sunday Brunch

November 13, 20148 Comments

sunday-brunchBack when the kids were small enough to need a morning nap, we used to invite friends over for Sunday brunch every so often. These casual gatherings made our baby-driven captivity pleasurable and allowed us to feel adult by entertaining in a relaxed, unfussy manner. But now that no one has a great excuse for napping half the day away, we are usually out and about early. Continue reading ›

The Pantry Problem (Solved)

November 05, 20142 Comments

pantry-problemWhen I think back on the gifts that stand out, it’s always the intangibles – an in-home Indian cooking lesson, a weekend at a B&B, a sweat session with a personal trainer. The experiences may be short-lived, but the benefits linger. While many of these stand-out gifts revolve around food and travel, the latest was all about home – and being happy in it. Continue reading ›

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