Get Your Plants On (and a give away!)

May 01, 201476 Comments

Remember how I said I’m not buying anymore cookbooks? And that I would instead cook my way through the books I already have? Well, that was a lie. My heart was in the right place when I said it. Despite our culture of continual consumerism, I’ve been working hard to use and appreciate what I already have. Read the books on my shelf. Wear the clothes in my closet. Smear the last dollop of miracle cream under my eyes before falling prey to the claims of tomorrow’s youth-preserving serums.

But in this journey of enough-ness and in-the-momentness, I have found that many of my cookbooks are filled with foods I don’t want to eat on an every day basis. Like so many enthusiastic home cooks, I own every volume of Ina Garten’s beautiful cookbook collection. They are filled with reliably delicious recipes. Who doesn’t love Ina’s food? What I don’t love is the butter (often listed in pounds!), the salt, the sugar and the flour. These are the ingredients I try to limit. Cookie Monster would call these “sometimes foods.” I discovered a real hole in my cookbook collection – books featuring natural foods with an emphasis on vegetables, plant-based proteins and foods I’m happy to serve my kids and enjoy with gusto myself. This is the way I cook 80 percent of the time, though just 20 percent of my cookbook shelf reflects this truth.

Enter The Oh She Glows Cookbook. I had visited Angela Liddon’s pretty website a few times and tried a smoothie or two. Ms. Liddon is a vegan writer, photographer and recipe developer who adopted a whole foods diet five years ago after a decade-long struggle with eating disorders. She wanted to create a book of vegan recipes that would appeal to omnivores and vegans alike. The book, which came out this spring, received big buzz (not to mention a load of pre-orders!) long before its release date. I broke down and bought a copy, reasoning that I needed more inspiration for plant-based meals that would satisfy the meat-loving palates of my very hungry boys. Of course, I also enjoy the occasional juicy steak, but in trying to tip the balance towards more plants I needed some fresh inspiration.

I’m the kind of person that will curl up in bed with a cookbook. That’s exactly what I did when this book arrived. So many dishes jumped off the pages and caught my attention. I put tabs on maple-cinnamon apple & pear baked oatmeal (page 39),  sweet potato & black bean enchiladas (page 147), portobello “steak” fajitas (page 185) and Indian lentil-cauliflower soup (page 133). And I rushed right downstairs the following morning to whip up the gym rat smoothie (page 63) and later that same day, the classic green monster (page 57).  But what you’re looking at throughout this post is the creamy avocado-potato salad (page 107), which I’ve tweaked slightly (still vegan! still delicious!) and detailed for you right here. It was so smooth, creamy and full of bold flavor that you’d never guess it’s vegan. The salad makes a nice lunch, tastes even better after a few hours in the fridge and pairs nicely with fish (try this one) or chicken for those who’d like a little meat at dinner. Next up? Angela’s classic glo bars (page 215). I’ll let you know how they turn out!

Is your mouth watering yet? Are you hoping to add more healthy, plant-based meals to your rotation? You may be in luck. I’m giving away a copy of The Oh She Glows Cookbook to one lucky reader. Just write a comment below to enter. I will use a random number generator to determine the winner on Friday, May 9.

Before I sign off, a message for fellow barre3 fans – this book is perfectly timed for the spring challenge! Not only are the recipes vegan, more than 90 are also gluten-free. You can bet I’ll be referring to this book frequently for ideas over the course of the challenge (my first! #nomoreexcuses).

Good luck!

5.12.14 Drum roll, please…we have a winner! The Oh She Glows Cookbook goes to Katie Lovell (lucky #6). Congratulations, Katie! I hope you enjoy the book as much as I have. 

76 responses to “Get Your Plants On (and a give away!)”

  1. Tory says:

    Thanks for posting your blog link on FB. I love to support fellow barre3 instructors, moms and healthy eaters. I can’t wait to check out your recipes!

    • Alicia says:

      Hi Tory! Thanks for your comment and for checking out my site! Perhaps we’ll meet in a studio one day? I’d love that!

  2. Laurie Sobel says:

    Oh – How I would love this cookbook (or even better – a visit from you – and we could cook some of the recipes together!

  3. Clare says:

    This would be a great compliment to Gutbliss and ever so easy to deliver!

  4. Kristyn says:

    I need some vegan food in my life especially with all the great spring produce right now!

  5. Melissa says:

    Love reading your blogs and drooling over the yummy pics sis 😉 That cookbook looks delish!

  6. Katie Lovell says:

    Crossing my fingers for a win! I would love to incorporate some of these recipes into the barre3 Spring Challenge. Woop woop!

  7. Whitni says:

    Love this recipe and your blog!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Jill Warren says:

    My stomach is growling now! I so wish that I had the foresight to buy a house next door to you, so I could eat your leftovers. I am feeling inspired and ready for the barre3 challenge!

  9. Juli young says:

    I love her blog. I’m doing the barre3 Spring Challenge! Pick me please!

    • Alicia says:

      Good luck with the challenge! This is my first. I finally ran out of excuses and I am embracing it!

  10. Corry says:

    I’m a barre3 instructor from Frisco, TX. I love Angela Liddon’s blog and her new book is on my Amazon Wish List 😉 Great inspiration for our Spring Challenge!

    • Alicia says:

      Hi Corry! Nice to “meet” you. The book is really something and it’s perfectly in line with our challenge. I will be following many of the online recipes for the challenge, but what I really want to do is be able to continue making more plant-based meals afterward. That’s the trick!

  11. Astrid says:

    Cookbook looks great, I’m in the same position as you. Trying to find more good vegan recipes for my meat eating family!

    • Alicia says:

      Getting the meat eaters to love the meal and not even notice what’s missing? That’s what I’m going for! I think Angela is onto something…

  12. Anasa Johnson says:

    I have a ton of cookbooks and can’t wait until Love Your Lower Body arrives. It’s time to stop reading and start cooking! Planning to experiment during the Barre3 challenge and would love to try the potato salad and gym rat smoothie!

    • Alicia says:

      Anasa, so nice to meet you in ATL! You are really going to enjoy Love Your Lower Body. And you are right – no time like the present to get in the kitchen! Let me know how it’s going, okay? I want to stay in touch!

  13. Betsy DeLaney says:

    This salad looks delicious! I am so glad I started following you on Instagram and can now start reading your blog. I am not doing the challenge but hoping to get back to healthier eating this month after spring vacation and too much Easter candy 🙂

    • Alicia says:

      I’m so glad to hear from you, Betsy! We had a tough winter here in DC (along with just about everyone else, right?!) and I’m finding that getting into my spring groove has been slow in coming. It’s all about breaking a cycle without feeling punished. Baby steps, I say. Good luck to you!

  14. Alicia, I SO feel you that 80% of my cookbooks reflect how I cook 20% of the time. I, too, have made the same (empty) vow about not buying more cookbooks. For me, I’m been stocking up on easy, family-friendly, but still interesting/delicious meals — enter “Keepers!” That salad looks great.

    • Alicia says:

      I’ve been circling “Keepers” like a shark! Oooohhh….it’s all I can do to control myself. When you start thinking about the 80/20 rule, a lot starts to make sense. Another example – I wear 20 percent of my clothes 80 percent of the time. Think about it!

  15. Regan Nelson says:

    Love this! This would be great for the challenge and for when I get my weekly CSA starting in June. Thanks for sharing. I hope to meet you someday at barre3 Georgetown or here in Portland. And I’ll be adding your blog to my feedly list .

    • Alicia says:

      So nice to “meet” you, Regan. Good luck with the challenge and thanks for finding me here! I hope to meet you in person one day, too.

  16. Sarah Regier says:

    Hi Alicia! I love your blog! I’m a barre3 instructor in Austin TX – thank you for sharing this on our page. I’m also a lover of fresh food and cookbooks. I’m a mom to 2 boys, and always looking for fresh, delicious, easy, and unfussy meals for our family. (& perfect for the b3 spring challenge!) Hope I’m lucky and win! 😉 Thanks!

  17. Christine W. says:

    Hi there! A friend of mine & yours (Mairin) told me about your blog when I started asking folks to provide me with some meat-free (yet still hearty) feed-the-young-family options. Your spin on things has been so helpful (and the Oh She Glows cookbook would also help!!). Also, as a person who grew up dancing, I’ve been enjoying reading about your experience w/Barre3 (we need this in IL).

    • Alicia says:

      Hi Christine! Thanks for reaching out. Mairin has been such a faithful friend and reader over the years. Yes, you do need barre3 in Illinois!

  18. Carissa says:

    Would absolutely love to learn a few vegan dishes because I always have to wrack my brain to figure out what my vegan coworker and uncle can eat!

    • Alicia says:

      What I love best about the recipes in this book is that they are appealing to everyone, not just the vegans! Nice to hear from you, Carissa.

  19. Carissa says:

    Would love to learn more about how to feed my vegan uncle and what my vegan coworker can enjoy!

  20. Lisa Poyta says:

    I need another cookbook like a need a hole in my head, but this sounds like a perfect excuse to stop by and pick it up & have a coffee!!

    • Alicia says:

      Lisa, do we need an excuse? You’d love this book, but we should get that coffee anyway! Let me know next time you’re in the DC area and we’ll make it happen.

  21. Eva says:

    I´d love to win this book!! You know? I also enjoy taking my cookbooks to bed with me!! 🙂

  22. Helene Goldstein says:

    Hi Alicia, not vegan yet, but definitely vegetarian. Would love to get my hands on this book!

    • Alicia says:

      Helene, I am not even fully vegetarian (though I try to eat more vegetables than meat!) and I found this book to be tremendously appealing. I know you’d love it!

  23. Julia says:

    With Spring and Summer coming, I would love to have some new ideas for cooking fresh, wholesome meals for our family which includes two growing boys! Always love your posts!

    • Alicia says:

      I didn’t expect that my boys would already have such big appetites at 8 and 5. You know what I mean? Thanks for your kind compliment, Julia! Good luck.

  24. Allyson says:

    I’m so excited to find your blog…I’m always looking for inspiration for new delicious and healthy recipes and double score that you’re doing the challenge too 🙂 Can’t wait to see more!

  25. Leslie says:

    Now in addition to Sophia’s latest post, I have TWO asparagus salads to make! Thanks for the idea!

  26. Celia says:

    That salad looks great.
    I am always looking for new ideas and inspiration especially with a vegetarian in the house.

  27. Cassandra says:

    So glad you’ve fallen in love with this cookbook. It sounds amazing. 🙂 hope you are well.

  28. Sherri Lyness says:

    Hi. Love your blog and oh She Glows. Both keep me green and healthy. Keep up the great work. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great book. You should get on of your own out for us also.

  29. Jamie B says:

    This looks fabulously delightful! I am also super stoked you put this link on the instructor page. I’m definitely newer to the clean eating thing..I grew up with the mentality of I can survive on whatever I throw down my throat. Yes, I can survive, but not necessarily in a way that makes me feel amazing. Since I started paying attention with what I choose to energize my body with, I’ve noticed a big difference. This would be a fantastic addition to my cookbook collection!

    • Alicia says:

      You just hit the nail on the head. It’s about feeling amazing, too, right? Nice to “meet” you, Jamie!

  30. eve feinberg says:

    looks like a great cookbook! I may just have to buy this one as well xoxo

    • Alicia says:

      You’d love this one, Eve! I know you would. The smoothie section alone will make your mouth water. XO.

  31. Gillian says:

    So glad that you posted your link to blog on FB – Added to my daily reads! Gillian @barre3 Willow Glen

    • Alicia says:

      Thanks, Gillian! I hope to meet you soon! I’ll be in your area this summer and will be sure to swing by for a class.

  32. eeeek – love Oh She Glows! And now loving your site too!

  33. Sara says:

    As a fellow cookbook addict, I can’t wait to check out Oh She Glows! The potato-avocado salad looks and sounds amazing!

    • Alicia says:

      Not only was the potato salad great, I’ve now since tried the black bean enchiladas (unreal) and the curried cauliflower soup (hearty and so tasty). My copy is already marred with splatters and smears – a sign of love!

  34. Liz says:

    This cookbook sounds great for my family and we try to incorporate more and more vegatables and less meat into our meals – a challenge with young kids sometimes!

    • Alicia says:

      The author does not yet have kids (expecting her first soon, I believe) but thus far I’m finding most of the recipes I’ve tried to be very kid-friendly. My kindergartener is hit-or-miss on green smoothies, but he sucked down her tropical beauty in no time.

  35. Xochitl says:

    I love the Oh She Glows blog! I’m glad you bought Angela’s book. Thanks as always for the recipes and inspiration.

    • Alicia says:

      Thanks for being a loyal reader, Xochitl! I seem to recall you are a prior contest winner. I hope you enjoyed…and who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky a second time!

  36. irina says:

    Love your blog – the recipes AND the pictures! This looks like a great book!

  37. Alice says:

    Hmm. I had to scroll through a LOT of comments to get to the bottom of the page to enter this. I guess there’s a lot of competition for that cookbook! I try to limit my meat consumption, but my level of inspiration in the kitchen has been flagging lately. A new cookbook could be just the thing I need to perk me up.

    • Alicia says:

      It’s amazing how a few new ideas can spur new excitement for cooking, right? Good luck, Alice. You never know!

  38. Leah says:

    That cookbook looks amazing! If you are looking for more vegetarian ideas my favorites are the Moosewood! Start with the original and then branch out to some of the others. They were my first cookbooks as a teenager and are my go to even today!

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