Lazy Summer

July 18, 20149 Comments

Isn’t it funny how sometimes a thought enters your head (gee, I could use a few days at the beach) and then the universe delivers as if it heard you (a friend invites you to her beach house on the same day your boss demands you get your weekend started early)? I had this very thing happen to me. Well, not the beach example but the thought-into-reality thing.

As the kids school year wrapped up, I was thinking that I would scale my work back a bit this summer. I would finish my client projects a little on the early side, post a little less frequently here and spend more time at the pool with my boys and reading the ridiculous stack of books on my nightstand threatening to topple over and smack me in the head. I smiled thinking about this kind of a summer – carefree, easy, lightly scheduled, playful.

And then the universe spoke up before I even had a chance to fully digest these appealing thoughts. I had just dropped my kids off at camp and was headed for a short run when I turned my ankle over an unusually high and ill-placed curb. In a hot second, my day changed as did the rest of my summer. Within an hour or two, I’d swallowed a fistful of ibuprofen, cozied up with a pack of ice, gotten x-rayed and fitted with an air splint. No barre3. No running. No kidding.

I propped up my fractured ankle, which had turned all shades of purple and green and resembled that of an elephant, and drifted into the Kubler-Ross stages of grief. No. This isn’t happening. Why now?! Dammit. I would be forced to “stay off of it” (what does that mean, anyway?), rest, ice and essentially, do a lot of what I said I was going to do anyway – remain unscheduled, read and spend time close to home with my family. Much of this can be done poolside, by the way. So why was I now feeling depressed about that? It had been the plan all along (minus pain and swelling). The universe had made sure I’d carry out my threat for an easy-going summer, but it turns out I never much liked being told what to do.

That was nearly a month ago. I’ve not been posting much lately. I’ve been cooking less. Doing less (sort of). And that’s how it’s going to be for the rest of the summer. I’ve come around to liking that idea. I finished this book, which kept me flipping pages and coaxing an occasional smile. I’m about to read this book and this book, which I’m told will reduce me to a sobbing puddle of uselessness. But before I go back to reading and icing my ankle (which is getting better slowly…I’ve already started teaching barre3 again with a lot of walking around and talking rather than showing/doing), I want to share with you a fun new tool I got for making vegetables into spaghetti-like “noodles” or flat, wide ribbons. It’s a spiralizer. Very hot with the raw and vegan community, of which I am neither. But, my adorable friend Gena, author of the blog Choosing Raw and a new book of the same name (I’ll be reviewing it in the fall – stay tuned!) convinced me that I needed one of these. As is usually the case with Gena, she was right. Again. What you see above is essentially this recipe with zucchini and yellow squash cut with the spiralizer. Perfect no-cook meal for a hot day!

Last but not least, I have some unfortunate news. School, lunch boxes and schedules – all the things we’re really enjoying a break from now – are lurking around the corner. This lazy summer fun thing can’t go on forever. Perhaps you will enjoy two blogs posts that appear on the ALDI Simply Smarter Living blog this week that are perfect for lunch boxes, after school snacks and such – check out this fruit and veggie-studded muffin recipe and also these empanadas packed with protein. Get a jump start and file these away so you have one less thing to think about as you’re sorting through No. 2 pencils, boxes of facial tissue and bottles of hand sanitizer.

I will return late summer with some exciting new stuff I’ve been working on behind the scenes. Happy summer to you and be well!

9 responses to “Lazy Summer”

  1. Fabiola says:

    Yeah, the universe listens.
    Rest up.

  2. Jan Richards says:

    Be well. my friend. Anticipating knee surgery at the end of August myself — perhaps will steal from your reading list … always love your updates – hope you’re running and dancing again when we hear from you next

  3. Lynda says:

    So sorry about your ankle! Enjoy your *ensured* downtime nonetheless.

  4. Anasa Johnson says:

    Hey Alicia! I’ve talked myself out of purchasing a spiralizer at least five times. I’m going to go ahead and give in because I really miss my pasta dishes. Thanks for the review and get better soon!

  5. Dora Phelps says:

    Alicia, I always enjoy reading your weekly greens and am sorry to read about your accident. Mine was just minor (a stress fracture of my right foot).

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