Yearly Archives: 2014

5 Ideas for the 25 Lbs. of Apples You Picked

October 14, 20142 Comments

Every autumn, there are a few things that happen without fail. Columbus Day, for one…which means no school…which means a long car ride deep into the suburbs of Maryland for an apple picking trip. We get very excited right off the bat. We “test” an apple or two. I warn the kids to take it easy, don’t eat too many. We reach for the fruit on the tallest branches, working together resembling a wobbly pyramid of cheerleaders. Continue reading ›

All About…Eggs

October 02, 20146 Comments

Considering how many eggs we blow through over here, you would think I knew a thing or two about how to buy them and what to look for. Sadly, you would be mistaken. When I push my grocery cart up to the refrigerated egg case, my eyes begin to glaze over. I like them big, so beyond choosing a carton labeled “extra large” I just make sure they are all intact and (mostly) ignore the remaining labels. Certified humane. Vegetarian. Omega-3. Free range. Cage free. Say what? Continue reading ›

Eggplant “Meatballs” and a Vitamix Offer!

September 11, 20142 Comments

There are just ten more official days of summer left. But when I look around, most of summer as I knew it has slipped away. School is back in full swing, most of the pools have closed and I think I even spied a squash at the farmers’ market the other day. I looked away quickly, pretending I didn’t see it of course. Continue reading ›

Summer Standouts

August 28, 20142 Comments

You’re dining out with friends and the food arrives. Beautiful, artfully presented food. Someone whips out a camera/phone – maybe even gets out of their seat or moves items on the table – to get a picture before forks begin dismantling it. Is that someone you? Or is it the foodie friend whose phone is┬ápermanently attached to her palm? That person has never been me. But this summer, I relaxed my standards. Continue reading ›

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