We all know the feeling: You arrive home from work harried and disheveled, not to mention later than planned. Hungry children begin to whimper and your spouse opens a box of crackers, consuming them by the fistful. What’s for dinner? You forgot to defrost those boring rubbery chicken breasts and now you’re scrambling to see what’s in the pantry. Pasta and sauce again, anyone?

Weekly Greens is the story of a working urban mom determined to bring healthy meals from the farm to the table every night of every week. Okay, maybe most nights of most weeks.

Living in Washington, D.C., Alicia Sokol is a mother of two with a busy career and a fondness for flavorful, fresh food. She approaches each week’s menu with a well-thought-out plan. Using the season’s best produce as the centerpiece, she builds a menu and a shopping list that allow her to shop once and cook every weeknight. The rules? Dinner needs to be on the table in about a half hour start to finish and the entire family eats the same meal. Alicia balances the delicious, healthy dishes she and her foodie husband want to eat with the developing palates of their two growing boys.

In addition to planning the menus and shopping lists, Alicia is also a photographer. She has taken every photo you see on Weekly Greens (with the exception of the portrait shown here, which was taken by DC photographer Kate Warren). In addition to acting as photography assistant, her husband, Andy, plays many important supporting roles including taster, critic, occasional hand model and most significantly, clean-up artist extraordinaire.

Her writing and photography have appeared in Washingtonian Magazine, Daily Candy Kids, Food52, MindBodyGreen, Refinery 29,  and The Washington Post.

Follow along for Alicia’s collection of cooking tips and healthy meal ideas that only occasionally resemble pasta and sauce.

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