Summer Standouts

August 28, 20142 Comments

You’re dining out with friends and the food arrives. Beautiful, artfully presented food. Someone whips out a camera/phone – maybe even gets out of their seat or moves items on the table – to get a picture before forks begin dismantling it. Is that someone you? Or is it the foodie friend whose phone is permanently attached to her palm? That person has never been me. But this summer, I relaxed my standards. Continue reading ›

Lazy Summer

July 18, 20149 Comments

Isn’t it funny how sometimes a thought enters your head (gee, I could use a few days at the beach) and then the universe delivers as if it heard you (a friend invites you to her beach house on the same day your boss demands you get your weekend started early)? I had this very thing happen to me. Well, not the beach example but the thought-into-reality thing. Continue reading ›

Patriotic Punch (and an event!)

July 01, 20142 Comments

July 4 is already within reach and Team USA is on fire. Do you need another reason to make red, white and blue-themed food and drinks? I didn’t think so. Continue reading ›

Nostalgia on a Stick (and a give away!)

June 18, 201430 Comments

Right about this time of year – when you can count the days of school left on one hand (if you live in DC, where we like our school years practically bumping up to Independence Day) and when we’ve traded short-lived, temperate spring days for humid-and-nearly-unbearable – I begin digging in my cabinets for my ice pop molds. You know the ones. Continue reading ›

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