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Blood Orange

February 18, 20112 Comments

WINTER 2011. BLOOD ORANGE. 02.18.11

Fans of the sitcom Seinfeld may remember an episode in which Kramer loses his sense of taste and misses the two-week window “Mackinaw peaches” are in season. These very special peaches (which, by the way, are fictitious), supposedly superior to any other peach variety, were apparently worth the 50-week wait. Blood oranges fall into the same camp in some ways. They are only available for a short time each year, they can be tricky to find (try Whole Foods) and they are distinctly superior to any navel or valencia I’ve ever met. I will admit to having become a bit carried away with photographing them. They are just so beautiful. If I were a fashion photographer instead of an amateur with a penchant for food porn, this would be the equivalent of shooting a Gisele Bunchen portrait. Like any true beauty, their looks are only enhanced by their inner goodness – sweet, a little tart and just a hint of deep red berry. No, I didn’t just call Gisele Bunchen a tart. Never!

So why has something so lovely – I’m talking about the oranges, people  – been given a name that conjures guts and perhaps even violence? No clue, but I can tell you that after I juiced a small pile of them by hand, my counter looked like it could use police tape. Sticky, red juice dripped from my knife and ran in a suspicious line down the counter. The juiced halves laid like limp, slain corpses littered about the cutting board. Enjoying the sweet juice even made me feel a bit guilty. Sort of. If I were you, I’d pick up a bundle of these while you can. Use some for the recipes this week, then keep the rest around for snacking. Next week we return from fantasyland with a prim and proper vegetable boasting versatility, but lacking the sex a-peel (sorry, couldn’t resist) of this week’s star.

Blood Orange Lists

February 18, 2011Comments Off on Blood Orange Lists

10 blood oranges

2 yellow onions

8 oz. brussels sprouts

8 parsnips

1 pound broccoli rabe

8 oz. precut butternut squash

4 cups arugula

8 cloves fresh garlic


Mixed greens

Fresh parsley

Fresh oregano

Fresh mint

Meat / Fish

18-20 large sea scallops

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts



2 oz. goat cheese

3/4 cup fresh ricotta

Parmesan cheese

Monterey Jack cheese

Sharp white cheddar cheese

Fresh tomato salsa

Frozen corn kernels

Pantry Staples


Dried apricots

Green olives


Preserved Lemons*

Israeli couscous

Sliced almonds


7.75 oz. can chickpeas

3/4 pound pappardelle

15 oz. can black beans

Whole wheat tortillas

*If you haven’t made your own preserved lemons, which take several weeks to cure, you can generally find them close to the olives. To make them for the next time, try this recipe.

Note: List does not include “weekend splurge” ingredients.

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