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What’s for Dinner?

November 11, 20114 Comments

This week I finally (belatedly) switched my closet over from summer frocks to sweaters. And though the days have been sunny and warm, the mornings have been chilly so I also dug up mittens and hats for the walk to school. These tasks can only mean one thing – time to make stock! I like to keep homemade chicken stock on hand during the cold months. It’s incredibly easy to make and you don’t even have to peel the onions or trim the vegetables. Just throw it all in the pot and then simmer the heck out of it. I make a big batch so I can keep some in the fridge and freeze the rest in small batches to use for soups, sauces and recipes that call for flavorful stock. It really makes a difference and you can also easily control the salt content, if that’s something you are concerned about. I am also experimenting with making vegetable stock and will report back as soon as I’ve perfected the recipe. Continue reading ›

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