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Cooking Without Recipes

May 13, 201484 Comments

There are 461 recipes on this site. Most are pretty simple, but a few are complex, with longer ingredient lists and a call for fancier methods and tools. I have made – and photographed – every one of these recipes, some countless times. We’ve had clear winners, disappointing losers and a handful of meh. I’ve tried my best to ensure only the winners make it to you. When I’m scratching my chin wondering what’s for dinner, these 461 recipes are the first I consult. But a funny thing has happened between the time I posted the first recipe (this one!) and the most recent (you don’t want to miss this one, trust me). Continue reading ›

Strawberry Fields Forever

May 18, 20123 Comments

With Memorial Day quickly approaching, the farmers markets that have been closed for the winter are back up and running. It’s great to see familiar faces (both the farmers and the neighbors who’ve been hibernating) and the tables piled high with arugula, asparagus and strawberries. Continue reading ›

What’s for Dinner?

November 24, 2011Leave a comment

At this moment, you probably can’t even think about dinner. You just finished a huge Thanksgiving feast and if you’re anything like the people I’m related to, you’ve made a late night snack out of the leftovers. Good for you. Now, it’s time to return to cleaner eating before the winter holiday parties kick into overdrive. After a heavy holiday dinner, I like to go light and meatless for a week or so. This week’s recipes are hearty, yet vegetable-centric and healthy. Continue reading ›

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