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A Big, Fat Zero

May 31, 20136 Comments

Next week I have a birthday ending in a big, fat zero. I spent no shortage of time bemoaning this milestone. I’ll feel better once the date has passed and I’m not ruminating or asked to talk about it anymore. It took me a while to pinpoint what specifically had me so wound up. It’s just another year. I’m the same person. I have much for which to be thankful. It’s better than the alternative…so why the crankiness? Continue reading ›

Spring Garden Lunch

May 23, 20136 Comments

Entertaining can be exhausting or exhilarating. I’ve had it both ways and I much prefer the latter, don’t you? I love to cook for friends. I adore hosting holiday feasts – Thanksgiving is my favorite – but it took me while to figure out how to do so without running myself into the ground. Continue reading ›

Embracing the New

May 17, 20136 Comments

“Do you know what a badonkadonk* is?” my mother asked me one day over the phone. I burst into a fit. “Yes. Why?” She told me about a class she’d taken to expand her already robust vocabulary. She had a slew of new words she was just itching to use. Continue reading ›

Spicing It Up

May 02, 201315 Comments

Has this ever happened to you? There’s a thing you make – a pasta, a salad, a sauce – and it’s good. Really good. It’s your thing. But then you add something to it and it’s just crazy amazing off the hook fabulous. And you wonder how you went on making it that way all along, thinking it was fine when it really needed that one single ingredient, that boost to take it over the top? From then on, this is how you make it because it’s so much better, brighter, more fun. You never look back. Continue reading ›

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