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Giving Thanks (Again)

November 19, 20124 Comments

Setting a holiday table turns into a trip down memory lane for me. As I pull my wedding china from the cabinet, I think about how bitterly I argued with Andy over it during our engagement. He didn’t want it, certain it would sit in a box collecting dust. Why don’t we pick something we’ll actually use, he reasoned. Like grilling tools. Or a panini maker. I desperately wanted the full set, complete with gravy boat, creamer and sugar – the whole enchilada. I knew I’d find plenty of occasions to use it and that each time I did, we’d be creating sweet memories. Continue reading ›

What to make for the vegetarians?

November 21, 20114 Comments

Chances are you’ll either host vegetarian guests or dine amongst herbivores this holiday season. Plant-based diets are growing in popularity and while this may cause the carnivore host to fret, it shouldn’t. There are so many wonderful options this time of year. Over the past several weeks, I’ve had this question pop up repeatedly: “My sister/cousin/aunt/brother’s girlfriend/neighbor is vegetarian and will be joining us for the holidays. I want to be sure to offer options for her/him. What do you suggest?” Continue reading ›

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