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Fall 2010. Tomatoes. 10.08.10

Summer is now firmly behind us. School routines are back in full force, the leaves are starting to change ever-so-slightly and the humidity has finally left the air. Happily, one of the last great vestiges of summer is still around. That’s right – the luscious summer tomato. This week, I’m hoping to give you a few new ideas for the last of those juicy ripe treats. No caprese salads, no basic tomato sauces, no gazpacho like you’ve ever tried before. You can get those just about anywhere else and you probably spent the entire summer making those (very lovely – don’t get me wrong) recipes. If you’ve still got peaches in your neck of the woods, you’ll want to try the tomato and peach salad – an unexpected yet harmonious marriage of two of my favorite summer flavors. Get them while you can…

mid-week update: 10.13.10

Another timely media report on weeknight cooking made simple: WAMU 88.5’s The Kojo Nnamdi Show today featured author Nancy Tringali Piho (“My Two Year Old Eats Octopus: Raising Children who Love to Eat Everything” by Bull Publishing) and Associated Press Food Editor J.M. Hirsh, author of “High Flavor Low Labor: Reinventing Weeknight Cooking” (Ballantine). I called in to the show and was thrilled that Kojo took my call! Check it out here.

mid-week update: 10.10.10

My Sunday morning fantasy – quietly and leisurely thumbing through the pages of the New York Times while sipping a latte. A girl can dream a little, right? Today, The New York Times Magazine is of particular interest. It’s The Food Issue: Eating Together. The entire issue is dedicated to timely articles on “the food revolution” – how food brings communities together, heals, teaches, nourishes. It profiles the people growing, making, cooking and serving food and setting new trends all the while. There is even an article by Amanda Hesser on “crowd-sourced recipes!” Impeccable timing. I’ve only been able to skim the issue so far, but I’m hoping to dig in fully over the course of this week. You can see for yourself here.

Tomato Lists

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3 plum tomatoes

1 pint cherry tomatoes

1 pint red or yellow grape tomatoes

3-4 Heirloom tomatoes

Salad greens

1 bunch Italian parsley

1 small bunch green onions

1 small bunch mint

4 cups basil leaves

2 large shallots

1 large English cucumber

1 zucchini

1 pound small round potatoes

2 large peaches

6 large lemons

Meat / Fish

1 pound shrimp

4 halibut filets, 6-8 oz each

4 filet mignon


Parmesan cheese

Pecorino Romano cheese

Goat cheese, crumbled, 1/2 cup

Feta, block or crumbled, about 8 oz

4 eggs

Pantry Staples*

15 cloves garlic

Brown rice

1 pound linguine

Stuffed grape leaves

15 oz. can chickpeas

*You’ll also need salt, pepper, olive oil, cooking spray, butter, milk, balsamic vinegar (regular and/or white), walnuts, pine nuts…check the recipes before heading out to the store to be sure you have all the staples needed.

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