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FALL 2010. APPLES. 11.26.10

Did you think we were going to go on each week with vegetable after vegetable ad infinitum? Worry no more. Our first fruit feature was once forbidden, but now quite plentiful and accessible – the perfect and exceptionally versatile apple. We’re fresh off a gut-busting feast. Time to rein it back in with soothing soup, crunchy salad and even a healthy twist on a classic comfort food. ¬†A few people have asked me when I think I’ll run out of feature vegetables (I won’t). Another suggested I consider featuring meats as an ingredient of the week (also not going to happen). After my battle with a certain bird who shall remain nameless, I’ve got yet another toe in the vegetarian camp. Alas, I digress. The point of my little site is to capitalize on all the beautiful, bountiful¬†produce we have available each season – even in the depths of winter. Do you have ideas for ingredients you’d like to see me feature? Drop me an email or join the discussion on Facebook and make your suggestion there. I also continue to be interested in your feedback, so please don’t hold back. I mean it.

As we move into full-on holiday crazy, I’ll make an extra effort to offer you lighter, faster and healthier meals with the expectation that you are short on time, low on energy and just a little bit over-served with holiday treats and temptations. If you keep it easy and healthy at home, there is no reason to deny yourself a glass of nog here or a holiday cut-out there, right? Good. Glad we agree on that.

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