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Yellow Squash

June 30, 20114 Comments

SUMMER 2011. YELLOW SQUASH. 07.01.11

When trying times hit, as they inevitably do, people turn to different coping mechanisms. I can’t say I have a go-to plan for crises, which is why I was dumbfounded last week when my husband whisked my lovey-clutching two-year-old son off to the emergency room while I stayed home with his five-year-old brother. It was the first time I’ve truly feared for the life of one of my children. As I kissed a chubby cheek, the words “be brave” were really more for me.

Just moments before, my older son, eager to report on the naughty behavior of his brother, told his father that his sibling had put a coin in his mouth. That “coin” was a coin battery that had been taken from a small remote control and left on the arm of the sofa by a well-intentioned, though fallible, set of parents. Ahem. Since our children never showed an interest in putting things in their mouths, we made the mistake of leaving a lithium battery in arm’s reach.

“Did you eat the battery?” my husband asked our boy. He nodded, huge eyes blinking. “Where is the battery now?” I pressed. “Here,” he said, pointing, “in my tummy.” So off they went to the emergency room. And I began an academy award-worthy performance for the benefit of my older child. Calm. Cool. Not at all worried about stories I’d heard of fatalities due to lithium battery corrosions in the bellies of small children.

So I offered my older son a popsicle in order to buy a few minutes to collect myself. As mango juice dripped down his arms and onto his khaki shorts, I had an idea, “Why don’t we make some cheese?” He looked at me quizzically. Cheese? We’d made all sorts of things together in the kitchen, but never cheese. This project would offer a distraction from the anxiety I struggled to mask. I had a recipe for homemade ricotta and I had just purchased the ingredients needed to make it. Pouring, measuring, watching and waiting (and photographing our project) would provide a much needed diversion.

Just as we were about to scrape the curds from the cheesecloth, the phone rang and we both jumped. My tension released instantly as I heard the words, “Good news. No battery.” I could finally exhale. I was too relieved to be annoyed by the tall tale created by one son, corroborated by the other and resulting in an afternoon of horrific imaginings.

And then there was that cheese. Creamy, slightly salty and just perfect for this simple, yet stunning dish. I think it tasted better knowing it had filled more than just our bellies. It fed my soul during a time of need. In times of crisis, I cook. Not such a surprising coping mechanism for me, I suppose. From cooking comes food, meals, togetherness and time spent with those we love. But on this day, cooking provided a needed lifeline. I hope cooking can reward you with a higher purpose from time to time, too (without having to endure a crisis). In the meantime, give your loved ones a good squeeze and keep your old batteries well out of reach of little ones (and pets, too, for that matter).

Yellow Squash Lists

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5 yellow squash

1 zucchini

2 yellow onions

1 shallot

1 bunch kale

1 English cucumber

1 bunch green onions

2 pints cherry tomatoes

2 ripe medium tomatoes

4 fresh apricots

2 lemons

1 lime



Fresh thyme

Fresh oregano

Fresh mint

Fresh Italian (flat-leaf) parsley

Fresh basil

Fresh rosemary

Meat / Fish

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

4 halibut fillets


4 eggs

Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

1-1/2 cup handmade ricotta cheese**

1/4 cup cream

Pantry Staples

1 pound medium pasta shells

1/2 pound short pasta

Anchovy paste


4 cups chicken or vegetable broth


Maple syrup

Pitted olives (any kind)


** If you plan to make your own ricotta, remove this item from the list and add 1/2 gallon whole milk and 1 pint half-and-half.

Note: List does not include “weekend splurge” ingredients.



June 24, 2011Leave a comment

SUMMER 2011. RASPBERRIES. 06.24.11

Glorious, carefree summer. It’s here at last! Today is the first post of my fourth season here at Weekly Greens. I hope I’ve given you a new idea or two, inspired some confidence in the kitchen and maybe even introduced a new food to your family.

The fact that you are back to visit makes me believe you like hearing from me (thank you!). And you know what? I really like hearing from you, too. What you may not know is that you, my gentle readers, have done your fair share of inspiring me. Hearing from you makes me love what I do even more. You’ve commented on my recipes, sent me notes by e-mail and I’ve even received a few hand-written letters by snail mail. You’ve candidly shared your feedback and challenged me to make Weekly Greens better.

In order to spread your wonderful ideas and love, I have developed a new regular site feature. I am tickled to introduce you to The Guest Kitchen! I will be featuring readers just like you with thoughtful insights and ideas to share. Through this section, I hope to connect the enthusiastic home cooks visiting my site with one another to share secrets and generate creativity. I hope you enjoy the interview with my very first guest, Chris Mills. Chris is a father, a husband, an avid baker, a friend (mine!) and a wicked sharp designer. He created a luscious sour cream coffee cake which he’s graciously shared with us here. Go ahead and check it out, then come back soon to see who is featured next.

Now get out there and lap it up. Summer doesn’t last forever, you know.

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