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Spicing It Up…

October 14, 20116 Comments

When I was a little girl, I used to open my eyes on the day after my birthday and feel just a little deflated. My special day had come and gone. No matter how great the celebration, I was sad another 364 days would pass before I’d once again prance around in a tiara for a day and eat not one but two large, gooey hunks of cake. And then lick my fingers without a scolding. Okay, so maybe I’m describing my last birthday. But you get the point. When the party is over, it’s back to normal and business as usual. So, here we are at the start of year two. Time to buckle down.

Birthdays also make me crave change. What is the enemy of good? Better, of course. Sometimes the changes are superficial, like the highlights I put in my darkest-of-dark-brown hair. Bad idea. My husband likened my new ‘do to a calico cat. But some changes go beyond skin deep. As I’m working on meaningful updates (to the site, that is – it was the site that had the birthday, people), I’m taking stock of what you like and why you keep coming back. More to come very soon. I hope you’ll be pleased. If not, meow. Continue reading ›

Birthday Cake!

October 06, 20115 Comments


One year, 46 feature ingredients and 368 recipes ago, Weekly Greens was born. Happy birthday! Those with kids know the first year is marked by high highs and a few desperate valleys, all tied together with noteworthy milestones and hopefully more joyful moments than tearful ones. This celebration is no different. I’ve joked that Weekly Greens is my third child. I’ve likened it to a newborn and this analogy is so fitting. It started as a tiny seed and took months in the making. The process of its birth was long, exhausting and at times, painful. There is even a scar. But what emerged was worth the wait. And then there were the long nights. Oh boy, were there long, sleepless nights. And the constant feedings. This is the hungriest “baby” I’ve ever had the pleasure of feeding, actually. At a rate of roughly one new recipe per day for a year, it’s no wonder I am tired. Come to think of it, I bet you’re tired, too. I’ve tossed a lot of information your way, perhaps too much to digest (literally and figuratively). Continue reading ›

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