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While pregnant with my second son, I was overcome with nausea for weeks. Thirty-eight, to be exact. Unlike my first pregnancy, when I felt great and fueled my body with fresh, healthy foods, this pregnancy forced me into survival mode. My diet consisted primarily of foods on the What to Expect When You’re Expecting no-no list. The power to temporarily quell the unending seasickness was held by a food as nutritionally devoid as they come – pop tarts. A true defiance of nature, these puppies don’t spoil ever. I haven’t bought them since giving birth more than three years ago. But, they carried me through a time in which I needed extraordinary assistance just to be present at a meeting, attend an important event or read a bedtime story to my toddler.

Turns out I’m not the only one classifying pop tarts as survival food. Check out this story about top hurricane stock-up items. Faced with an earthquake and a hurricane in the span of a few days, as was the case in the DC-area last week, people began to hunker down and prepare for the worst. We bought water and a few bags of ice, rounded out our wine collection and pulled down a few board games. We escaped unscathed, with not so much as a flicker of the lights, though I know people in very close proximity who are still without power. I’ve also seen images of trees on cars, cars under water and evidence of a destruction path that’s no joke.

Aside from picking up a few just-in-case items, my own hurricane preparation consisted of rushing out to a local farm to pick a few of the last blackberries before the winds and rain took over. As we hauled buckets of freshly picked blackberries from the orchard – it’s easy to get a lot in a short time when you’re the only crazy people out there – my husband came up with the idea of making pop tarts at home. I’d long since tucked away the concept in the reminiscent-of-severe-nausea section of my mental filing system, an area reserved for items like ginger tea, sour gummy candy and dry crackers. Blech. The thought wouldn’t have occurred to me. But I’m so glad it dawned on him. A fun rainy day project, an unusual breakfast treat and aren’t the photos fun?

Speaking of breakfast, I followed up last week’s lunch box tips with some ideas for making that first meal of the day count. I also announced a little experiment I’m conducting this month. If you missed these updates, consider joining me on Facebook or Twitter, where I’ll continue to post mid-week musings, the occasional recipe, my favorite one-off photos and progress updates on my experiment. Until next time, friends.

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  1. Ada Hidalgo says:

    Well, I never in my wildest dreams considered making my own poptarts. What a great idea. I read today that 6 of the top 10 foods with the highest amount of anti-oxidants are berries.

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