Fennel Lists

February 04, 2011Comments Off on Fennel Lists

3 fennel bulbs

1-1/2 pounds fingerling potatoes

2 yellow onions

1 pound French green beans (haricot verts)

12 oz. bag broccoli slaw

2 cups arugula

1 cup fresh spinach or mixed greens

1 jicama

1 sweet potato

12 shallots

2 bunches scallions

2 red peppers

5 carrots

1 stalk celery

2 oranges

2 limes

Fresh ginger root (or jarred)

Fresh garlic

Fresh basil

Fresh cilantro

Fresh sage leaves

Meat / Fish

2-1/4 pound boneless turkey breast, with skin

3 oz. proscuitto

1-1/2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1-1/2 pounds flank steak


Plain Greek Yogurt

1 cup Feta cheese

1/2 cup milk

Frozen peas

Pantry Staples

14.5 oz. can tomatoes in juice

14.5 oz. can light coconut milk

10 pitted prunes

Brown lentils

Pine nuts

Basmati rice

Red curry paste

Oyster sauce

Thai fish sauce

White miso

Unseasoned rice vinegar



Note: List does not include “weekend splurge” ingredients.

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