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WINTER 2011. FENNEL. 02.04.11

How many times have you been mid-recipe only to find that you are missing a key ingredient? Or you thought you had enough of something, only to find that you are down to the last drop/grain/kernel/teaspoon? Even though I check my fridge and cabinets before I head out to the store each week, every now and then I find myself in this sort of a pickle. And it’s usually when I’m expecting guests. I also have the opposite situation happen – I think I’m out of an ingredient, so I buy more. Said ingredient typically appears from out of nowhere as soon as I’m home from the store with a brand new container. My husband, the clean-up artist and organization guru, recently went through the cabinets and found a few cases of multiple open packages of the same ingredient. Oh, we already had lentils? I thought we were out. Heaven forbid we run out of lentils. Where did you find that can of diced tomatoes? I was looking for that a bit ago and just bought three more. So I’ve been on a mission to clear some of these grains, beans and canned items out of my cabinets. I managed to work in a slew of fresh produce this week, too, so don’t get your pantry in a bunch (get it? Ha.). I hope you enjoy the quinoa, light coconut milk, basmati rice, tomatoes in juice, nuts and dried fruit this week. But not all together.

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