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Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

January 31, 2012Leave a comment

It’s difficult to please everyone at once around here. I’m sure you can relate. When I’ve made salmon, the kids are delighted and the husband is disappointed. When I’ve made a dish with a bit of heat, it’s the other way around. Every once in a while, I can find something that makes everybody happy. But it’s not very often. Continue reading ›

What’s for Dinner?

January 27, 20126 Comments

Have you ever waited to see the movie everyone is talking about? People keep saying you have to see it. You’ve just gotta see it. And then said movie is nominated for numerous awards, further heightening the intrigue. You walk into the theatre sure you are the last soul on the planet to see this revolutionary film. You are expecting tears, chills, a band of angels and life transformation. But instead what you get is a good movie. Just a really good movie. “Really?” you think to yourself. “That’s it?” Continue reading ›

Homemade Chai Tea

January 23, 2012Leave a comment

One might believe a person with a fierce sweet tooth would enjoy syrupy beverages. Not the case here. I prefer an extra sour, strong cocktail. And I take my coffee and tea without sugar (mostly to contrast the sweet treat on the side). I had all but stopped ordering chai tea lattes because they are often cloyingly sweet. No, thank you. I like my dessert with a fork and a flaky crust! Continue reading ›

Looking Back…and Getting Hungry

January 20, 2012Leave a comment

Do you ever let yourself get carried away looking through old calendars? My husband would snort at this question as one who neither keeps a calendar nor hangs onto anything a minute longer than absolutely necessary. Being a “list” person and keeper of many calendars – the written personal calendar, the electronic personal calendar, the family calendar, the school calendar – there is a lot for me to peruse when I choose to engage in this enjoyable past time. Continue reading ›

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