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What’s for Dinner?

February 10, 2012Leave a comment

Though I cook at home frequently (have you seen the recipes page lately?), we also dine out a fair bit. We’re out with the kids nearly every Friday night and on Saturdays, we try a new restaurant with friends or nestle into a corner table at a cozy old haunt. The one night of the year we’re nearly always at home is Valentine’s Day. Continue reading ›

Dark Chocolate Bark…Be Still My Heart

February 07, 20124 Comments

Who doesn’t love chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Probably a few people, but I am not one of them. If you want to make an easy homespun Valentine, look no further. This chocolate bark is rich with layers of subtle complexity – crunch from the pistachios, a touch of tartness from the dried cherries and a final whisper of salinity to counter its sweetness. Put it in a pretty box, add a note professing your unending adoration and Schmoopie just might fall in love with you all over again. Continue reading ›

What’s for Dinner?

February 02, 20122 Comments

Why is it so much easier to criticize ourselves than it is to celebrate our hard-won successes? It’s the same principle that makes us shoo away a well-deserved compliment. “Oh, it’s really nothing at all.” Are we afraid of sounding too boastful or is it something else? I frequently tell you of my kitchen disasters and meals that have been pushed away with disgust. It’s so easy to be self-deprecating. I can generate tales of cut fingers, dull knives, burned breadcrumbs and flavorless fish like nobody’s business. But it’s not often that I use this space to congratulate myself. I had a recent victory and I’m going to pat myself heartily on the back. Right here. Right now. Continue reading ›

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