Monthly Archives: March 2012

Spring Favorites

March 29, 20124 Comments

Despite living just a few miles from the famous cherry blossoms, we tend to miss their peak each year for one reason or another. The peak range is widely publicized, but it makes no matter. This year, the pillowy white and pink blossoms were out a couple weeks ahead of schedule thanks to our mild and short winter. Peak occurred mid-week. By the time we arrived last weekend, green buds were already poking through – they were spent! I took these photographs last year, which was the only time we saw them at their best in the seven springs we’ve lived in DC. Continue reading ›

What’s for Dinner?

March 23, 20122 Comments

When it’s clear winter is at last behind us, we waste no time. Shorts and sandals are pulled from the upper shelves of the closets. The longer day is exploited with evening bike rides to the ice cream shop. And of course, the grill becomes the go-to cooking implement. Continue reading ›

One Pan Wonders

March 16, 20128 Comments

On an unseasonably warm evening last week, I shuffled around my kitchen picking up the remains of dinner while the boys played in the backyard. My husband, ever the efficient clean up artist, scurried around behind me with a sponge in one hand while chucking dirty plates and flatware into the dishwasher with the other. “I’m tired of cleaning up all the time. Can’t we just eat out?” I froze. Continue reading ›

Time to Veg Out

March 09, 20124 Comments

When we’re really exhausted and want to relax, we say we want to “veg out.” What does that mean really anyway? Perhaps it’s a reference to the fact that unlike animals, vegetables are still and quiet. But lifeless they are not. Continue reading ›

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