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In the Guest Kitchen…

May 25, 2012Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I’ve featured someone in The Guest Kitchen. I think you’ll find the wait has been well worthwhile! Meet Bettina (below, right) and Suzanne. These lovely ladies write the blog Loulies. If you’ve not yet visited their site, definitely check it out. They are my next guests and I think you’ll enjoy what they have to say. Continue reading ›

Strawberry Fields Forever

May 18, 20123 Comments

With Memorial Day quickly approaching, the farmers markets that have been closed for the winter are back up and running. It’s great to see familiar faces (both the farmers and the neighbors who’ve been hibernating) and the tables piled high with arugula, asparagus and strawberries. Continue reading ›

The Mother of All Invention

May 12, 20124 Comments

Mothers (or mother figures, as the case may be) are the mortar that binds the bricks into place. They work hard to maintain an image of ease and effortlessness. Should any cracks develop, it’s mom that swoops in to patch up the damage and restore the facade. Continue reading ›

The All-Important Family Dinner

May 04, 201212 Comments

Ten years ago today, I married my prince charming on the first sunny and mild spring day of the season in Chicago. I remember taking a run by myself that morning – something I didn’t do very often in those days – and standing out on the farthest point of pavement jutting out into Lake Michigan near North Avenue beach. I stopped for a moment to take in the sweeping skyline and reflect. Life was about to change. For the better (and though I also committed to “or worse,” it’s all been pretty peachy to date). But what I didn’t know was how it would all unfold. Two cities, two houses, two boys and five jobs later, here we are. Was that really ten years? Yup. Sure was. Continue reading ›

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