Monthly Archives: October 2012

Pantry in a Bunch?

October 25, 20128 Comments

Last month, the lovely people at Refinery 29 came to my house one Saturday morning, set up their lighting and cameras, opened my fridge and began snapping away. Allowing strangers into my kitchen to photograph the inside of my fridge for this story felt akin to opening up my underwear drawer – so intimate, so personal! Continue reading ›

Build a Better Breakfast

October 18, 20128 Comments

Have you tried a juice cleanse yet? Unless you are living under a rock, you already know these mini detoxes are all the rage. I’ve done a few days of juice here and there with my own, homemade fresh pressed juice and I’ve also bought pre-pressed juices from here and here. But are they a good idea? I don’t really know for sure. Continue reading ›

Fall Apple Picking

October 12, 201214 Comments

Anyone who knows me would say I’m a planner. I enjoy the comfort of a detailed course of action. It can be as simple as what we’ll be eating for dinner or how we’ll spend a Saturday afternoon. Failure to plan is a plan to fail. That sounds so rigid and prescriptive, I know. I’m not as much of a killjoy as I’m painting myself to be. But there is a deep, gratifying sense of security in knowing that someone (usually me, but not always) has mapped out at least a rough sketch in an attempt to make the best of a situation, greatly reducing the possibility of uncertainty. Of course, you know what they say about the best laid plans… Continue reading ›

Happy {Burger}day to Me

October 05, 20122 Comments

Do you know that feeling – when a birthday looms imminent – of suddenly wanting to transform? This desire to be a grander version of oneself lurches forth out of nowhere, a determination to start the next year as an improved version of the old model. My birthday falls in the late spring. Each year, without fail, the combination of lilac-scented air and another candle to extinguish leads me on this (occasionally ill-fated) mission of self-betterment. Continue reading ›

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