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November 29, 20126 Comments

It’s the time of year where I’m asked what I want (nothing) and I ponder what to give friends and family (not nothing). When in doubt, books are a good bet. Andy might disagree but I’d say you can never be surrounded by too many good books. This is true of my ever-swelling cookbook collection as well as the leisure reads that pile up on my nightstand. Continue reading ›

Giving Thanks (Again)

November 19, 20124 Comments

Setting a holiday table turns into a trip down memory lane for me. As I pull my wedding china from the cabinet, I think about how bitterly I argued with Andy over it during our engagement. He didn’t want it, certain it would sit in a box collecting dust. Why don’t we pick something we’ll actually use, he reasoned. Like grilling tools. Or a panini maker. I desperately wanted the full set, complete with gravy boat, creamer and sugar – the whole enchilada. I knew I’d find plenty of occasions to use it and that each time I did, we’d be creating sweet memories. Continue reading ›

Got Apps?

November 09, 20123 Comments

It wasn’t too long ago that people were talking about food when they mentioned apps. As in appetizers. Little starter bites to begin a meal. Or something salty to nibble with a cocktail. Seems funny now that “apps” have taken on a whole new meaning. Continue reading ›

Giving Thanks Early

November 02, 20125 Comments

Taking time to enjoy moments – even little ones, as they happen and for what they are – can be easier said than done. I have good intentions. I’m sure you do, too. But life charges ahead ruthlessly. The theoretical treadmill keeps going faster. Some little gremlin pushes the up arrow repeatedly while laughing maniacally. Before I know it, a day is gone. A week is gone. A season passed. I could have, should have, would haveā€¦ Continue reading ›

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