Homemade Chai Tea

January 23, 2012Leave a comment

One might believe a person with a fierce sweet tooth would enjoy syrupy beverages. Not the case here. I prefer an extra sour, strong cocktail. And I take my coffee and tea without sugar (mostly to contrast the sweet treat on the side). I had all but stopped ordering chai tea lattes because they are often cloyingly sweet. No, thank you. I like my dessert with a fork and a flaky crust!

Though the mix of spices in this homemade chai recipe are not what one would expect to find in a typical well-stocked pantry, I happened to have them all on hand from various ethnic dishes I’d made recently (see this one and this one). I decided to give the old chai tea latte one more whirl with the promise of a more balanced sweet-to-spice ratio. The result was a warm, milky, just barely sweet mid-morning pick me up.

Coffee addicts still reading, hear this: if you are looking for more of a jump start, try adding a shot of espresso, which turns this drink into a “chaippuccino,” my official lazy Sunday morning drink from Tryst Coffeehouse. For those that enjoy coffee and tea, why not both at once? It only sounds silly until you try it.

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