Slow Cooker vs. Alicia – Round 5

February 22, 20122 Comments

That I’ve been unable to master an appliance as all-American and basic as the slow cooker does not sit well. Isn’t this the machine that revolutionized modern weeknight cooking for hordes of busy working families? I make my own stock. One time, I made pop tarts. From scratch. Hell, I’ve even made cheese. Cheese, people. Right here in my own kitchen. None of these items is difficult to make, mind you. But the point is I know my way around the kitchen. So losing round after round to a machine for which the cooking method is simply an “on” button has been, well, a blow.

Perhaps the problem is that I’ve been focused on finding recipes made for the slow cooker. What I really should be thinking about is what I want to eat – then finding ways to make it in the slow cooker. Big difference. I stumbled upon this book¬†written by a woman who used her slow cooker every day for a whole year. She made everything from oatmeal to soups to play dough and soap. Soap?! I found the recipe for these terrific chili lime sweet potatoes¬†in her simply written, easy to follow book.

And as for making my own stock? My friend and fellow Washingtonian Cathy Barrow (aka Mrs. Wheelbarrow) made this suggestion in last week’s Washington Post Food section – make a hearty chicken stock overnight in the slow cooker. Brilliant, Cathy. I wish I’d thought of that myself.

2 responses to “Slow Cooker vs. Alicia – Round 5”

  1. Leann says:

    Alicia! I’ve been reading your blog posts via FB for awhile and just put you together with it. So lovely- really enjoy it, and it looks gorgeous.
    I love my copy of “Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker”– I’m hung up on a Moroccan chickpea curry recipe that’s become a regular dish this winter (with olives and dried apricots- my kids love it). I also love putting kashi, oats, dried fruit and nuts in at night so we wake up to warm breakfast. And veggie french onion soup— yum…. Leann (Margo’s mom from school)

    • Alicia says:

      Hi Leann, Nice to hear from you! I just checked that book out from the library. I’ve not tried many recipes from it yet but I have my eye on a root vegetable dish I may try next week. Waking up to a warm breakfast sounds yummy…I want to try that! Thanks for your comment.

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