Spring Favorites

March 29, 20124 Comments

Despite living just a few miles from the famous cherry blossoms, we tend to miss their peak each year for one reason or another. The peak range is widely publicized, but it makes no matter. This year, the pillowy white and pink blossoms were out a couple weeks ahead of schedule thanks to our mild and short winter. Peak occurred mid-week. By the time we arrived last weekend, green buds were already poking through – they were spent! I took these photographs last year, which was the only time we saw them at their best in the seven springs we’ve lived in DC.

Of course, my favorite photo of the day was taken before we even parked the car to walk around getting an up close and personal look at the buds (and about a zillion camera-wielding tourists). Fun, right?

Before you know it, farmers markets will once again open with piles of asparagus, ramps, green onions and rhubarb. Perhaps some of you are already enjoying your local markets and their spring bounty. Here in DC, it’ll be another few weeks before my neighborhood market is open for the season.

This week, I’ve listed my favorite in-season produce and hand picked the best spring recipes I have to offer. As is the case with every recipe on this site, each has been tested and tasted right here in my home kitchen – and in many cases, repeated when the season is long enough to allow a second run.

The other sign of spring I eagerly anticipate is spring break. This is an annual tradition for which, unlike the cherry blossoms, I am not late and never miss. And with that, I’m off! I’ll look forward to seeing you back here in a couple weeks. Be well.

What’s in Season?

Asparagus | Artichokes | Arugula | Bok ChoyCabbage | Fennel | Green GarlicLeek  | Meyer Lemon | Peas | Rhubarb | Strawberries

Spring Favorites

4 responses to “Spring Favorites”

  1. Lynda says:

    I love the excitement each new season brings with its peaking produce. To celebrate I’ll start with a rhubarb mojito.

    • Alicia says:

      Cheers to that! And I should say thank you for the lovely spring tabbouleh recipe! Perhaps you recognized your brilliant idea come to life in my kitchen? Loved it.

  2. melissa says:

    I’m hooked on your blog! My niece made your pistachio, cranberry bark and last week I made the parmesan chicken and roaster romaine, and the salmon with bulgur and all three were GREAT. Tomato soup with turkey meatballs, chicken and orzo casserole, and Japanese chicken meatball skewers are up next. Thank you.

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