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Cauliflower Power

January 25, 20134 Comments

Two summers ago, we traveled with the kids to the Hawaiian island of Kauai for my brother’s wedding. It’s a very long trip from Washington, DC to Kauai. After 13 hours of flight (including one layover at LAX), six time zones, games, movies, puzzles and play dough sculpting sessions galore, we finally arrived in beautiful, tranquil Kauai. We stunk. The kids were delirious. It was hard to believe it was only dinner time when so many hours had passed. Continue reading ›

Cleanse Complete. Now What?

January 16, 20132 Comments

Raise your hand if you are on a cleanse, about to start one or just finished one. Okay, hands down. If you didn’t put your hand up, you probably know someone who is or has. It’s that time of year. After an indulgent holiday season, we’re ready to start anew. Though I’m not cleansing right now, I’ve had a few friends tell me they’re on a juice cleanse or that they’ve temporarily cut something out – dairy, gluten, meat, sugar, caffeine. The point of such torture rituals calculated measuresĀ is to clear one’s body and mind in preparation for new habits. When I’ve done a cleanse in the past, the real trick isn’t drinking the juice or eating the greens. Or even skipping the coffee or the wine. The biggest challenge is what happens after.
Continue reading ›

Beet It

January 08, 20134 Comments

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”
– W.E. Hickson
Odds are that at least a few of you have made resolutions pertaining to food. Maybe you want to eat more vegetables. Or less meat. Or perhaps you’re looking to add some new foods to your repertoire. I’m a big fan of a new year and the chance it brings for a clean slate. Who doesn’t like a fresh start? Continue reading ›

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