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Freezing Time

June 27, 20132 Comments

The sunny days seemed endless when I was young and summers were run by my mother. She was big on dreamy outings requiring picnic baskets, bathing suits and the occasional frisbee. She would marshal my brother and me and our friends into the station wagon and off we went to pick fruit and, later, to run up and down the sand dunes along Lake Michigan. The amusement park was an annual pilgrimage, even though every year she would, either after the roller coaster or some spinning ride, be bent over a rail vomiting. But she insisted that we return, summer after summer. In later years, she discovered Dramamine. Continue reading ›

In Season: Apricots

June 20, 20134 Comments

Who doesn’t want a little of what they can’t have? Human nature practically guarantees it. It’s the reason I’ve always wished for straight hair. It’s also the reason all I think about is dessert when I’m trying to cut back on sugar. Continue reading ›

Papa Don’t Poach

June 13, 20132 Comments

Back when I used to take business trips and carried a corporate AmEx (not that long ago), I went away for a few days leaving Andy to manage the house and children. He is for the most part self-sufficient, but I left some instructions and a smattering of quick dinner options anyway. When I called to say goodnight after dinner one evening, he proudly told me what the kids said to him, “Daddy, you are the best cook ever.” Continue reading ›

Change the Way You Dress

June 06, 2013Leave a comment

Originally a filmmaker, Sophia Maroon left her career to raise her three young children. Ten years later, she was ready to get back to work and couldn’t stop thinking about a comment her brother made about their mother’s popular red wine vinaigrette: it’s so good you could bottle it and sell it. And so she did. Continue reading ›

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