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Grocery Store or Pool? You Choose

July 26, 2013Leave a comment

While I enjoy strolling through the farmers’ market squeezing peaches and sniffing melons, I’ve not found the time to get there this season in the way I have in summers past. Perhaps the issue is that our weekends are filled with more activities. The kids are bigger, we are busier. There is karate on Saturday morning. I like to start my Sunday morning with a barre class (and I’ve recently become certified to teach barre3, which I’m crazy about! More on that soon!). And then there are birthday parties, various lessons and other activities that eat up our weekends. Not to mention the finite – and dwindling! – number of days for pool fun. Gotta get ’em while we can. Continue reading ›

Sticky Situation

July 16, 20132 Comments

I swear I’ve not forgotten about you. Summer is busy getting away from me. I took the last couple weeks trying to slow it all down. No luck on that front, but I did enjoy several nice days with my parents and one whole week of pure playtime with my little one while his big brother had a week with the grandparents. It was nothing short of delicious. Continue reading ›

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