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November 26, 2013Leave a comment

When I was growing up, my brother and I had a short list of holiday movies we watched in an endless loop from Thanksgiving through Dec. 26. Christmas Vacation topped that list. What can go wrong for Clark Griswold does and it’s just plain awful to watch – the senile relative who makes inappropriate comments, the rodent living inside the Christmas tree and of course, the overcooked bird that tastes like sawdust. Continue reading ›

Iced Coffee Smoothie (and another giveaway!)

November 20, 201352 Comments

At the risk of causing you to think I’ve given up solid, real food for drinkable concoctions produced by my twice daily blender ritual, I have yet another must-share-now smoothie for you. This is a combination I came up with a couple years ago. I became recently reacquainted enamored thanks to the discovery of cold brew coffee concentrate. Do you know about this? Well, you should. Once I tried it I started noticing it everywhere. Funny how that happens. Continue reading ›

Thanks Be to Cod (and we have a winner!)

November 13, 20132 Comments

Okay, so now I know what you all like to talk about (smile). It was fun to read through a list of your indulgences, the stuff of your “20 percent.” Lots of you are into cheese, a bit of wine and a whole lot of chocolate. Boy, do you love yourselves some chocolate. Me, too. And with that, I’m pleased to say we have a winner! Continue reading ›

Pumpkin Smoothie (and a book giveaway!)

November 07, 201376 Comments

In the three years I’ve written this blog, I’ve covered a lot of topics – some many times over. I write about the trials and tribulations of feeding growing children, the challenges of keeping our family dinner ritual fresh and interesting, and the ongoing battle to convince my husband that real food doesn’t come out of a box or a sealed cellophane package. But one issue I’ve left untouched is the direct connection between our food choices and how they make us feel at the most basic level – in the gut. Continue reading ›

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